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Mother of the Bride: How to Pick the Perfect Gown

Feb 15, 2022

Finding the perfect dress for your daughter’s wedding is a big decision. You need something beautiful to stand out without outshining your daughter, and you need to look good in photos. It’s an important dress, and shopping can be...

Mix & Match Bridesmaid Dresses

Feb 01, 2022

Mix & Match Bridesmaid Dresses   These days, one of the biggest trends for weddings is mismatched bridesmaid dresses. The mismatched look instantly gives you an effortless, laid-back aesthetic for your wedding day. Perfectly chic, this...

Wedding Planning Tips

Nov 22, 2021

One of the most important parts of wedding planning is buying your dress on time. Often, we find brides don’t know how long it takes for your wedding dress to arrive after ordering, and the last thing you want is to be stressed about your...

Wedding Dresses for Venues

Nov 08, 2021

For a lot of brides, the venue they plan to get married at changes the aesthetic of the wedding dress they envision for themselves. This is fitting, as typically a bride planning a beach wedding would likely choose a different dress than if she was...

Prom 2022

Oct 04, 2021

Prom may be a ways off, but we’re already looking ahead to predict what we think will be the biggest trends in prom this year. Plus, we know our fashionable high school girls are already thinking about what to wear—prom’s the...

Wedding Dress Journey

Aug 20, 2021

As one of the earliest (and most important) steps of wedding planning, it’s important you know the full process of buying a wedding dress. Often, brides come into the boutique unsure exactly how long buying a wedding dress will take and what...

2021 Wedding Dress Trends

Aug 20, 2021

Now that we’re over halfway through 2021, it’s evident to see that the 20’s are ushering in a new wave of bridal fashion. For brides looking to stay on the cutting edge of what’s trendy, we’re breaking down our three...

Wedding Dress Trends of 2021

May 12, 2021

As we approach the middle of the year, we’re loving the bridal trends our brides have been falling in love with. New dress trends not only keep our job interesting, but allow brides to express themselves and their personal style beautifully on...

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