2021 Wedding Dress Trends

2021 Wedding Dress Trends

Now that we’re over halfway through 2021, it’s evident to see that the 20’s are ushering in a new wave of bridal fashion. For brides looking to stay on the cutting edge of what’s trendy, we’re breaking down our three favorite emerging trends from 2021, so that you find your favorite trendy wedding dress. Read on to see the latest trends in bridal fashion: 

Simple and Sleek

Kitara by Sottero and Midgley



We’ve seen a huge switch towards simple, classic styles. These timeless designs are stunning, and though they’re simple, they’re far from boring. Bold silhouettes with striking details, like this Maggie Sottero style, are the perfect chic, modern style, perfect for brides looking for something that blends tradition and style perfectly. 

Square Necklines

Cleopatra by Madeline Gardner



With the bold look of clean, simple dresses, comes the surge in popularity of the square neckline. For brides who still want plenty of lace and detail, but love the modern look, the square neckline creates the perfect bold, modern shape to balance the classic lace look. 

Puffy Sleeves

Austin Leigh by Sottero and Midgley



We know the phrase “puffy sleeve” in regard to bridal fashion immediately makes you think of Princess Diana—and while her dress was certainly a look—it’s not for everyone. Don’t worry! The new puffy sleeve trend is a much more laid back, romantic, flowing sleeve that gives you a stunning ethereal look on your wedding day. 

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