Wedding Dress Journey

More likely than not, you’ve been dreaming of your wedding day for years—and if not years, at least since you got engaged. Your wedding dress is one of the most memorable dresses you’ll ever wear, so it’s fitting that it’s a key part of your unique wedding vision. It’s also key that you start shopping with plenty of time for your perfect dress to come in on time, so we’re sharing a typical wedding dress timeline so you know when to start shopping. 

When You Start Planning


After you get engaged, you start planning the wedding. While we’re sure these are the first two things you’ll take care of, we recommend having your date and venue set before you start shopping for your wedding dress. Knowing your date and venue gives you a better idea of what your wedding day will look like, helping you imagine yourself in the dress on your wedding day much better. You also may want a different style wedding dress for different seasons—for example, you might want spaghetti straps for a summer wedding, but you might not if your wedding date is in January. 

8-10 Months Ahead


It may sound a long ways out from your wedding day, but you’ll want to start shopping nearly a year in advance. This is because of how long it takes your designer to craft your wedding dress: it’s a months-long process, as they’re constructing a high-end, couture garment from start to finish. From sourcing materials to sewing the gown, the process takes several months, so you’ll want to be sure to start shopping early. 

2 Months Ahead


Your gown will arrive a few months ahead of the wedding, and this is another reason we recommend shopping early: you will need at least two months for alterations. Even if you’re only getting minor alterations (which you definitely will), you’ll still need several fittings for them. Alterations ensure your dress fits perfectly on your wedding day, from your hemline falling where it should to your straps fitting properly. 

After alterations, there’s nothing left but to walk down the aisle! Book an appointment at Mimi’s Bridal and Prom, and we’ll help you begin your wedding dress journey.